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What is Senior Boulevard TV providing you ?

As Senior Boulevard TV was created to provide you lots of different insights on the Senior Housing Market and such, make sure to become a member of our platform, to be able to access all of the content we created, so you can enjoy to the fullest.

Our Content

On this page, you can find an overview on which content we provide, our different interviews, some very interesting short videos on relevant subject matter, as the upcoming events and our Senior Boulevard TV Journal.

Expert on the Spot

Expert on the Spot, the principal show of the channel, aims to pursue in gathering engaged experts and partners having experience in multiple industries, including: digital health, construction industry, renewable energy, building & home automation, real estate, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, fintech, cybersecurity, and information technology.


In the upcoming section, we provide you an overview of events, videos, as well as information yet to come. In this way you can have an idea of our future program.

The Senior Boulevard TV Journal

The Senior Boulevard TV Journal is our newspaper, where we provide some of the most interesting international news articles to keep you up-to-date about the Senior Housing Market and Innovations. As we selected international articles, some of them are in a foreign language, so please make sure to set your browser settings to auto-translate to your preferred language for smooth reading!

Topic-based insights

In this section, we will provide you with some crucial insights based on our own content, as well as third party content. As those insights will be divided in different topics, you can choose which topic pleases you the most.

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