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We are an international network of entrepreneurs and organizations hosted by the Swiss based Inno-Fuel Association.


We launched this video channel and integrated newsletter platform with the purpose to work towards a common goal which is to tackle the global senior housing deficit as well as focusing on hospitality assets and services and to re-allocate them towards senior permanent as well as short stay, putting the elderly needs central. The hospitality industry who is currently undergoing an unprecedented global crisis.


We strongly believe that a global approach based on new operating models, entrepreneurship and innovation, we can turn the hospitality crisis into a new opportunity for them while serving the elderly in their needs.


At the same time the senior housing deficit represents much more than just providing the elderly with a new and more comfortable place to live. It is the ticket towards a more integrated and collaborative inter-generational societal model with shared responsibilities, creating value not only for seniors but for the entire society.


However, the challenge requires multi-country insights, multi-industry understanding (e.g. health systems, 360° financial insights, demographics, government policies,...) as well as understanding the different cultural differences and at the same time entrepreneurs willing to close the gap.

The channel aims to pursue in gathering engaged experts and partners having experience in multiple industries, including: digital health, construction industry, renewable energy, building & home automation, real estate, blockchain, artificial Intelligence, fintech, cybersecurity, and information technology. 

This Video channel has the mission to create awareness & multiply insight sharing & interactions on the subject, bring forward the many different challenges and disseminate innovation and success stories. While doing so, we aim to further develop an international network of like-minded wanting to offer insights or solutions contributing in solving the senior housing deficit. 


Senior Boulevard TV 

Starting from October 2020, registered members of the platform will benefit from weekly expert interviews across the globe addressing key elements related to the senior housing deficit. 

Not only the main aspects impacting senior housing will be highlighted in an international context in a continuous way, but also many innovation aspects we not necessarily think about at first sight, but will have an increasing impact on the delivery of qualitative housing to our seniors as well as their direct entourage.

Our base language will be English, however all our videos will be subtitled so users can easy switch the subtitles in their mother tongue. We will interview experts in general in English, but at the same time we will conduct interviews in the local language to maximize local engagement and exchanges.

We hope to be able to count on your attendance, contributions as well as comments or insights.

Make sure you not miss a thing and register already at !

A short intro on what we do...

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... And what you can expect...

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